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About Shamim:

In the dynamic realms of business and leadership, Shamim K. Matovu emerges as a distinguished figure. As a visionary Organisational Anthropologist and Business Transformation Advisor, her unique journey began at The London School of Economics and Political Science, culminating in a Doctorate in Business Administration from Teesside International Business School.

Academic Achievements:

Shamim’s academic pursuits delve into transformative business practices, focusing on leadership, management, and human dynamics. Her groundbreaking research, particularly in organizational culture, conflict management, and employee performance, extends beyond theoretical boundaries. Notably, she earned the Best Paper Award at the 2022 British Academy of Management conference hosted by Alliance Manchester Business School.

Thought Leadership:

Beyond academia, Shamim is a recognized thought leader, featured in prominent media outlets like BBC, Money Daily, NTV, and the Future of Work Podcast. Her insights on business transformation, culture design, and workplace dynamics position her as a sought-after voice in the industry.

Published Author:

Shamim is also a published author of “Lean Strategies for Managers,” a book targeting leaders seeking to revolutionize their approach to the evolving landscape of leadership and management.

Leadership at D!scover:

Currently at the helm of D!scover, a global culture design company, Shamim leads with unparalleled expertise. D!scover, under her guidance, is not merely a company but a vision materialized. The focus is on creating transformative corporate cultures built on the pillars of alignment, belonging, and equity.

Impact on Business Transformation:

Shamim’s story transcends narrative; it serves as a blueprint for revolutionizing businesses and fostering workplace harmony. Through her leadership, D!scover is not only shaping corporate cultures but redefining the fabric of organizational operations.

Inspiring Change:

In the grand narrative of business transformation, Shamim K. Matovu emerges as a protagonist whose story inspires change, challenges norms, and sets a new standard for the future of work.

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