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We specialise in supporting clients across diverse industries by optimising business performance through the creation of cultures that drive alignment, foster a sense of belonging, and reintroduce equity into the workplace.

Together we are strong.

Our Relavence

Corporate culture takes center stage during organisational change. As growth and strategic priorities evolve, existing cultures can become impediments rather than catalysts for progress. The impact of corporate culture on an organisation’s work environment and output is substantial. It shapes how work is accomplished, influences project success or failure, defines inclusion, and sets the overall mood of the organisation

Our Approach

At Dscover , we prioritize context before design, utilizing the principles of business anthropology. Our methodology focuses on People| Environment | Tools for Work. We leverage qualitative contextual data to design and implement business strategies, ensuring a holistic understanding of our clients’ needs.

Context First, Design with Business Anthropology

Experience Driven Results

Our Superiority

As Anthropologists, we possess a unique expertise that allows us to immerse ourselves in unfamiliar contexts, gaining insights from multiple perspectives. Through organisational ethnography, we situate culture within its context, contributing to sense-making, knowledge-sharing, and world-building for our clients’ desired outcomes.

Shamim K. Matovu

Business Anthropologist | Workplace Culture Designer | Driving Business Transformation through Culture & Leadership Coaching | AuthorĀ 

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