Our Services

we do context first, then design using business anthropology

We bring critical expertise characterised by the ability to immerse ourselves in a context unfamiliar, to gain experience on the ground and gather insights from within a system from multiple perspectives.

Culture Design

We audit your work processes and behaviours to create and align frameworks that guide the way people interact, and how work gets done at your organisation.

Areas of coverage:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Anchoring belonging in the workplace

So You Can

  • Shape your corporate behaviour based on core values
  • Lead your teams with purpose and connection
  • Align your human capabilities and structure
  • Boost your brand equity with increased trust in the marketplace

Product Development

We apply ethnography to collaborate with your creative geniuses to deliver a road map for the iteration of your product, service or experience through User Experience Research & Design.

So You Can

  • Meet human needs
  • Offer an exceptional user experience
  • Design for humans not customers

Corporate Trainings

We recognise the gap for business leaders to develop management and high-performing skills to enhance interpersonal relationships and professionalism for sustainable growth.

We offer;

  • Self-leadership workshops
  • Strength-based Development Sessions

Our Focus When Helping You ...

Cultural Identity

Design core values that inform how you show up, want to be known and experienced by your employees and customers. So that purpose and potential can drive your financial stability.

Brand Equity

Reinforce your presence in who you are, what you do and how you do it, bringing purpose and connection at the centre of your business.


Business Anthropology can help you balance the cultural and the commercial in ethical and authentic ways;

  • Without selling your soul to corporate
  • Without trading the lives of others for cash.

So you can create material
impact on society.

Human Centricity

We bring humans at the centre of work helping you realise how you can make money while contributing to humanity, eliminating the social context for organisations to pay, allowing continuous growth and expansion.


We orient ourselves into systems, describe and critique. We break old systems creating new inclusive and equitable ways to determine what behaviours to reward and sanction for efficient performance.


Reveal patterns of meaning to business imagination & exploration, discovering new worlds and opportunities to design and collaborate on new products and services for longevity of your business.