An expert guide for forward-thinking managers

Whether executives or aspiring leaders seeking to revolutionise their approach to the dynamic landscape of management, cultivating empathy-driven leadership that resonates with your teams and the organisation’s success.


In Lean Strategies for Managers, Shamim – an Organisational Anthropologist and Business
Transformation Advisor conveys an actionable guide to becoming a better leader of people and a manager of things. She relies on research-based data to showcase the significance of inculcating positive organisational culture and behaviour into everyday leadership and management practices as a critical tool for business transformation and success. In this book, you will;

  • Ponder why your organisation exists and the culture that influences the value you give to your target audience.
  • Discover how to design, live into your core values, and build your brand as a leader.
  • Uncover how to become a better coach for your team to attract and retain talent.
  • Gain deeper insight on how to apply appropriate management styles to effectively handle difficult conversations.
  • Learn how to navigate workplace politics, build your “tribe” and maintain focus when your external environment is changing.
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